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MF-1 Security Scanner

cena:113.83 EUR
(80.00 LVL)
This unit has been extensively tested in Australia, Europe and the USA. The Minelab MF-1 is designed to provide optimum performance and sensitivity under all operating conditions.

Aimed at the Security Professional the MF-1 Security Scanner is a highly sensitive detector that has been designed and built to meet the toughest standards for efficiency and operating conditions. The MF-1 scanner has automatic recalibration ensuring maximum set sensitivity from the moment the unit is switched on. The auto recalibrate function makes the MF-1 Security Scanner one of the worlds easiest scanners to operate whilst maintaining maximum operating performance without drift due to temperature or other environmental conditions. The MF-1 has very low battery drain giving extended battery life and making it highly efficient in the field.

The MF1 outperforms competitor brands for both general performance and sensitivity to metal objects.