Minelab Treasure Tracking App for the iPhone

Minelab Treasure Tracking App for the iPhone

Dear Distributor,

 ‘Tis the Season....and as our digital gift to Minelab detectorists this Christmas, we are delighted to confirm two NEW Minelab appsAVAILABLE forFREE download. 

First, the exciting new Minelab Treasure Tracking App, which contains everything the detectorist needs to record their finds. They can take pictures; add personal notes; log GPS coordinates to the exact find location and more!

Be sure to spread the word and tell customers about it. All they need to do is Search Minelab in the Apple Store or click here to link to iTunes for immediate download. Don’t forget......best of all, it’s FREE.

Pretty Cool Features……

  • Add New Finds: Write notes, take pictures and record favourite finds.
  • Field Guide & Manual: iPhone access to the Minelab E-TRAC field guide and instruction manual.
  • Patterns & Modes: As time is precious the app allows users to access quick reference patterns and modes for best results.
  • Map: Record GPS locations of finds allowing customers to track successful hotspots.
  • Gallery: Use the iPhone camera to create a unique library storing photos of those special discoveries.


If your customers don’t have an iPhone, stay tuned, as the app will be available to Android smart phone users SOON. It just gets better! Regular updates will be available in early 2012.....

And that’s not all…. Minelab have also launched a FREE game called Epic Find. It’s the next best thing to owning a real Minelab detector! Epic Find uses the iPhone camera to simulate real-life metal detection, with special audio cues to help users learn and distinguish among the varying tones, enabling players to unearth incredible virtual treasure with the flick of a finger. Click hereto download Epic Find.  

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Exciting Features……

·        Detect Mode: Use the iPhone camera to scan the ground until you hear or see a change in tone.

·        Pinpoint Mode: With potential targets detected, pinpoint them by running your finger over tiles and listening for tones.

·        Dig Mode: Tap on individual tiles to reveal finds.

·        Locations: Hunt for pirate treasure, war relics and gold!

·        Minelab Rewards: Unlock and redeem a special in-game offer once you advance to the last level!


PS…. Click here to link to iTunes for immediate download.